Only for the students who were and are in Dubai Carmel School born on 97/98

Last year's camp

Get ready guys! We’re camping tomorrow, but hold on! It’s not that easy, we’ll discuss about the trip and it’s details here.

Last year we went on a camping trip to a place near Hatta and on borders with Oman. The temperature reached 4  degrees Celsius at night and it was hot in the morning -we didn’t notice the temperature then-. The land was flat with too much gravel. Our class’s students on the last year were much less than now, twelve -12- students said that are coming this year. There were 5 teachers -maybe- last year, we ate BBQ and the trip continued for nearly 24 hours, from 11:00 Am Thursday to 10:00 Am Friday.

This year’s trip is different, the trip will be for GR. 9A-10A, to the same place as last year. But more students of our class are coming and the trip’s duration is longer.


  • Trip Paper:

السادة أولياء الأمور المحترمون

تحية طيبة وبعد،،،

ستقوم مدرسة دبي كرمل برحلة ترفيهية لطلاب الصفين 9-10 إلى حتا في دبي وذلك الخميس الموافق 16-2-2012 وستكون العودة إلى المدرسة يوم الجمعة الموافق 17-2-2012 في الساعة 3 مساءً، يرجى حضوركم في الموعد المحدد لاستلام ابنكم. الرجاء في حال الموافقة إرسال مبلغ 90 درهم. مع الشكر والتقدير

Dear Parents

Dubai Carmel School will have a recreational trip for the students of grade 9-10 to Hatta in Dubai on Thursday 16-2-2012. They will be returning to school on Friday at three o’clock PM. Please come to school to receive your son. If you agree send 90 Dhs. With thanks and appreciation.

  • Location :
                      Please CLICK HERE for the exact location on the map.
  • We’ve posted a post about last year’s camping trip with all the pictures, CLICK HERE to visit.
  • The fees cover all your needs except for your tent and sleeping bag.

Please Notice…

  • The fees cover all your needs except for your tent, sleeping bag and please remember to bring a torch.
  • Bring some extra money just in case.
  • Gr. 10A didn’t harm us last year, so there’s nothing to be afraid of this year.
  • Fee payment should be tomorrow, money and entries can’t be accepted after Wednesday.
  • For Blackberry subscribers: Your subscription may not work there, the camp is out of UAE boundaries where it ain’t work.
  • Thanks to Tarek Al-Khatib (Gr. 10 A) for requesting the trip from the school administration and for helping in the arrangement of the trip.
  • Wait for our coverage after the trip Inshallah.
  • If you have a Facebook account, please join the event created by our fan page, CLICK HERE.
  • Information provided above are subject to change anytime with no previous announcement.

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