Only for the students who were and are in Dubai Carmel School born on 97/98

Three weeks ago, the school administration organised a trip to Wonderland amusement park in Dubai, after the class’s student’s request.

We left the school just before the break, with both teachers: Mr. Musaab & Mr. Ali, and arrived at the amusement park half an hour later. At first, we walked around, and then asked the students whether they want to go to the waterpark first or play the normal funfair rides first, and the students selected the water park. Inside the waterpark, we changed our cloth, then we were free to play any ride we wanted. We had fun until 2:00 O’clock, where the teacher asked us to change our cloth because we’re going out of the waterpark to the dry-rides. We played bumber cars -it were hardly moving-, then we went on other rides, such as the “Space Shot”, which was quite frightening -I didn’t play it anyway!-. Later on, we played some single or team games like Ping-pong matches or other games. After that, we had our launch, which was unreasonably expensive. We asked the teachers to go back to the waterpark, because it was much entertaining than the normal rides. The trip ended at 4:00 o’clock and we reached the school at nearly 4:45  o’clock, as scheduled and everybody went back home, either by himself or with his parents or with Mr. Ali.

Photo Gallery

Photos were taken by Zaki Zakzak

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The Trip’s Videos

By Zaki Zakzak

That’s all, folks!

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