Only for the students who were and are in Dubai Carmel School born on 97/98

On the 16th of February (THURSDAY-FRIDAY) 2012, our class grade 9/A went on a camping trip to Hatta for spending a wonderful night without our parents and in a desert where it is hot in the day but at night freezing cold.

 Thanks to TARIQ KAMAL grade 10/A who struggled for the trip. The fees for the trip were 90 AED (including breakfast, lunch dinner and the other morning breakfast. But excluding camps and sleeping bags) This time students from both classes were less than last year. But some of them came just to enjoy the lonliness. 8 students from grd 9, 8 students from grd 10, 3 teachers and 4/5 workers in the school came on the trip. The day before the trip was a very tough day because it was hard to pack up our things and buy other stuff but it all went right the next day but there was one problem, it was that we had to wait a lot for the bus to leave the school. Grade 10 started to play music and our class joined them. The school gave us some breakfast before leaving. The bus left the school at 10:45 perhaps with all the wishes from our section supervisor, principal and the vice principal. We arrived at the desert after 1.5 hours. We set our camps and took rest. After an hour we prayed and had lunch. In the lunch we had chicken tikka with salad and Arabian bread. After lunch we palyed football, volley ball and went for a walk. In the afternoon we had tea and all of us (grade 9) went for a walk to explore things out. We found out thorny plants and snake`s home but the worst thing was camel`s poo. After ISHA we had dinner in which there was Boiled POTATO with bread and salad. We didn`t sleep the whole night but talking, listening to songs and playing games. We sat by the fire and talk. The next morning we had breakfast in which there was a boiled egg. After 2/3 hours we packed our thing because there was a sandstorm coming so we left that area just 5 minutes before the sandstorm would go bad. We left at 12:30 but the school trip paper said that we are going to leave the desert at 3:00. During our journey back our bus tire exploded in the middle of the road. It was so windy but still the driver fixed the tire in the strong wind. We arrived at the school at 3:00. We called our parents to pick us up from the school and when we reached home our body and clothes was covered with sand, we took shower and slept. That was the best trip we had in the whole year.

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