Only for the students who were and are in Dubai Carmel School born on 97/98


Where did the idea come from?

The idea was nothing more than a child’s thought, who was me. On grade seven
-two years ago- we had a teacher who was the responsible as a moderator for
our class, he had many great ideas and worked hard for us till we got the “Best
Class” cup that year, it was the beginning of the school year and he asked us
about our suggestions to improve our class, there was a couple of great ideas,
(We mention from them: lockers, class decorations, etc..) On that day, I told
the teacher about making a blog for our class, where we can share our childish
thoughts, and he agreed, but, he authorized another student to do that, where
he told his uncle, and truly, a few weeks later the website was online, with the
pictures of the students, teachers names, our plays and contributions in the
schools celebrations, it wasn’t so useful, but it was a great completion by which
we were so happy and glad with, for further information, I would like to type it’s
web URL:, it was disabled after one year because of the
lake of visits.

What happened after that?

On grade eight -last year- I tried to complete idea by opening a new blog which
is -you can say- part one of this blog, it was hosted on, it has some
good features, but that was not enough, it had the agenda, the students and a
kind of good template. The biggest fault we’ve made is that the blog hadn’t posts
that attracts visitors and encourages them to come back, it had -also- a lot of
widgets and gadgets that made the RAM usage greater and the scrolling was so
slow, not mentioning its long loading time which was a kind of irritating, but the
overall showed that it had some good features.

The beginning of the end

This year we had three months of work to improve and cancel all of our faults
that we’ve done the previous year, the blog has now what goes above forty new
key features which made it faster and a bit more calm.. You can touch the changes right now, and -as I think- they are major changes, but this wouldn’t stay for long, our blog is only for this year, which means that it won’t complete for more than this year, we may stay online if we had more followers and readers which we care for, enjoy this structure and remember that this was a child’s dream.

About our LOGO


On the 27Th of September, we launched our blog with more than 35 new features, one of them is the new logo, which I really love! but haven’t you asked your self about it? The logo was just a sketch on Adobe Photoshop, then the idea of another blog -mentioning we had another one last year- came to our mind, so I thought of the blog’s address and the title, then I them to the logo.

The logo is just consisting of tow letters: 9 & A which we all know what they mean, I made them into a 3D shape, then chosen the colors, by which they will be eye-friendly and comfortable to look at the logo. The logo presents style and fun at once, to fit to a blog made for Teenagers!

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