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The Party [Photo Album Inside]

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Last week, our class decided to have a party just for fun. Every student in the class brought some food with them, I brought a special dish which is spicy and tasty, it is called CHICKEN BIRYANI, it is a Pakistani dish and very tasty. Every one enjoyed the food and ofcourse the party. Another class which is grade 10 A, always comes in our party to steal the food but this they didn`t  because the already had their party a week earlier. All of the teachers joined the (more…)

KHDA Inspection -2012

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From the beginning of this week, KHDA Inspectors came to our school for the inspection. They come every year. The inspection started from Monday(30/01/2011) till Wednesday(01/02/12). The school started preparing for the inspection a week earlier. It was a very  hard job for the teachers and for the students to decorate the school (more…)

Wanna laugh? Bilal wants you to!

Bilal while he's in his videos

Our friend Bilal has always entertained us and forced us to laugh by his super-realistic jokes! While I was talking to him one day, I found out that he’s a channel on Youtube, which has videos made by him, watching them was really a joy and I think he knows what he does, in my openion, he’s an artist, have a look on one of his videos called: (more…)

The last Term-one school day pictures

From left to right: Mohammed Saleh > AbdulNoor > Ahmad Ammar > Kareem Nagi > Yousef Tarek.

From left to right: Mohammed Saleh > AbdulNoor > Ahmad Ammar > Kareem Nagi > Yousef Tarek.

Yesterday, which was Wednesday, the 14Th of December 2011, was the last school day of the first term of school, where we had the Islamic Studies exam, for both, Arabic and foreign language-talking students, the exam was very easy -as students said-, we as usual took some shots of them before, while and after the exam, have (more…)

Student’s Player-Ability Showcase (Video)

After two weeks of examinations, and after not posting anything for these two weeks also, we proudly introduce, The Student’s Player-Ability Showcase video, which was taken on Wednesday, 20Th of November 2011, two weeks ago. Remember, this is just a player-ability showcase, This Is (more…)

أنشودة: من كرمل الحب

يسرنا، هنا في موقع الصف التاسع، تقديم أول عمل إنشادي فنّي لنا، بمناسبة العيد الأربعين لقيام دولة الإمارات العربية المتحدة، نخلد فيها ذكرى الشيخ زايد –رحمه الله-، ونرسم أملاً حدّه السماء، لنكمل مسيرة آبائنا، ونسترجع ذكرياتهم، في طابع فنّي شبابيّ، يروق لنا سماعه، والترنم بكلماته..  نهدي هذا العمل إلى شيوخنا الكرام، القائمين على صون دولة الإمارات العربية المتحدة، نهديها لشيخنا زايد آل نهيان –رحمه الله-، نهديها للشيخ راشد آل مكتوم –طيب الله ثراه-، نهديها لهم جميعاً تقديرا لجهودهم واقتداءً بهم، ونهديها إلى جمهورنا الأعزاء، ونشكر الأستاذ مصعب يوسف معلم اللغة العربية على كتابة هذه الكلمات القيّمة، إليكم هذا العمل:

أداء: زكي عماد

كلمات: أ. مصعب يوسف


من كرمل الحُبِّ جئنا نرسم الأملا    وزايد الخير في أعماقِنا امْتَثَلا (more…)

Term 1 examinations syllabus- Out Now!

Yeah I know, exams are just around the corner! But -Thanks God!- this year’s syllabus isn’t so stuffed and hard. The syllabus is out now on, and the exam-timetable is so, I won’t write too much this time because me and you need to study so take a look at them: (more…)

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