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We’ve not went on an entertainment trip since the beginning of the year. The school administration has rewarded us after our performance during the KHDA inspection, by choosing where do we want to go on a trip, and the class has elected “WonderLand” as a destination, after making a questionnaire around the class. I’ve decided to write this article to preview some pictures and information about “WonderLand” amusement park. At first, the “Wonderland” amusement park has opened it’s doors to visitors since 1996, with more than 30 rides and attractions. As their website says, they’re the largest amusement park in UAE, and they also said on the same website that they’ve attracted more than 2 million visitors. They although say that there’re 6 catering outlets, anyway we’ll see tomorrow…


-The Trip Paper:

السادة الأولياء الأمور المحترمون

تحية طيبة وبعد،،،

ستقوم مدرسة دبي كرمل برحلة Read the rest of this entry »


Yes, it’s our body, but most of us doesn’t know much about it, so I’ve picked some really interesting facts about your body, have fun reading:

  • The length from your wrist to your elbow is the same as the length of your  foot.
  • Your heart beats 101,000 times a  day. During your lifetime it will beat about 3 billion times and pump about 400  million liters (800 million pints) of blood.
  • It is impossible to Read the rest of this entry »

Remember our friend Bilal and his channel on Youtube? If yes, then you’ll be glad to hear that he’s uploaded a new one titled “Stupid People“, which he’s been working on for five to six days as he said in the description, any way, I don’t want to take your time, have Read the rest of this entry »

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Last week, our class decided to have a party just for fun. Every student in the class brought some food with them, I brought a special dish which is spicy and tasty, it is called CHICKEN BIRYANI, it is a Pakistani dish and very tasty. Every one enjoyed the food and ofcourse the party. Another class which is grade 10 A, always comes in our party to steal the food but this they didn`t  because the already had their party a week earlier. All of the teachers joined the Read the rest of this entry »

From our archive

From the beginning of this week, KHDA Inspectors came to our school for the inspection. They come every year. The inspection started from Monday(30/01/2011) till Wednesday(01/02/12). The school started preparing for the inspection a week earlier. It was a very  hard job for the teachers and for the students to decorate the school Read the rest of this entry »

 In this series we will put some questions for you to answer, they won’t be direct answers and your ID won’t be known, so be free and tell any thing you want to tell!! We will insure that you’ll be having ultimate fun! So go and choose the answer you want, or answer them all!!!

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Bilal while he's in his videos

Our friend Bilal has always entertained us and forced us to laugh by his super-realistic jokes! While I was talking to him one day, I found out that he’s a channel on Youtube, which has videos made by him, watching them was really a joy and I think he knows what he does, in my openion, he’s an artist, have a look on one of his videos called: Read the rest of this entry »

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