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Wanna laugh? Bilal wants you to!

Bilal while he's in his videos

Our friend Bilal has always entertained us and forced us to laugh by his super-realistic jokes! While I was talking to him one day, I found out that he’s a channel on Youtube, which has videos made by him, watching them was really a joy and I think he knows what he does, in my openion, he’s an artist, have a look on one of his videos called: (more…)


The Weekly Cocktail -P4-

The new MacTini!

Apple has created many things that changed our look to electronics, like: Multi-Touch screens, on-screen keyboards, Graphical interface, etc… It also started making things smaller and smaller, have a look at this video which shows the latest innovations in the “e-Comedy”:


The Weekly Cocktail -P3-

Sorry for the inconvenience, we couldn’t post anything on the last week because of the class tests -I’m a student too!-, here’s an extended post to say: “Sorry!”

LADA Vs. Bmw (Evolution):


The Weekly Cocktail -P2-

Steve Jobs, Co-founder and the previous CEO of Apple, Has passed away.

Apple’s website announces the sad news that Apple co-founder and former CEO Steve Jobs has passed away. Jobs was 56 years old, and had been struggling with complications related to pancreatic cancer over the past several years. Apple leaves the following message on their website (more…)

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