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Player Ability Showcase 2 [Video]

Last term, we launched the first part of “Player Ability Showcase”, and it was amazingly successful. The quality of the first part was a bit poor, and the video didn’t show a match, it was just a player-ability showcase as it showed just random videos of the students playing. We’ve promised you back then, that we’re going to give a better quality and stability, but we didn’t think that that was enough…

On the second part of Player Ability Showcase, we’ve taken it to the next level, we’ve not only improved the quality and stability, we have brought you a full-length match, with professional-leveled graphics, we have fulfilled our promise. Thanks for your support and have fun watching.



The last Term-one school day pictures

From left to right: Mohammed Saleh > AbdulNoor > Ahmad Ammar > Kareem Nagi > Yousef Tarek.

From left to right: Mohammed Saleh > AbdulNoor > Ahmad Ammar > Kareem Nagi > Yousef Tarek.

Yesterday, which was Wednesday, the 14Th of December 2011, was the last school day of the first term of school, where we had the Islamic Studies exam, for both, Arabic and foreign language-talking students, the exam was very easy -as students said-, we as usual took some shots of them before, while and after the exam, have (more…)

Student’s Player-Ability Showcase (Video)

After two weeks of examinations, and after not posting anything for these two weeks also, we proudly introduce, The Student’s Player-Ability Showcase video, which was taken on Wednesday, 20Th of November 2011, two weeks ago. Remember, this is just a player-ability showcase, This Is (more…)

برومو أنشودة -من كرمل الحب

يسرنا، هنا في موقع الصف التاسع، تقديم أول عمل إنشادي فنّي لنا، بمناسبة العيد الأربعين لقيام دولة الإمارات العربية المتحدة، نخلد فيها ذكرى الشيخ زايد –رحمه الله-، ونرسم أملاً حدّه السماء، لنكمل مسيرة آبائنا، ونسترجع ذكرياتهم، في طابع فنّي شبابيّ، يروق لنا سماعه، والترنم بكلماته.. إليكم هذا البرومو الذي نستبق فيه الأحداث، ونخبركم فيه بالجديد (تذكر تشغيل الصوت في جهازك)…



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